Who Is Man Vs Cash?

My name is Adrian.
I am at war against cash.

I know how it feels to not know how to make solid decisions with your money.

I know how it feels when your head is barely above water.

I know how it feels to act like you have everything together.



It’s time to stop acting like you’ve got it together,
and actually get it together.



My goal is to teach you everything that I know about money.


After spending years working in personal finance, I found that I wasn’t the only person who was afraid to check their bank account from time to time. That’s why I started this page.

We will be following my journey to financial freedom, highlighting my cash mistakes so you don’t have to stand in my shoes, and I will be helping you to find your own path.

This blog will give you an insider’s perspective about money, debt, credit, loans, making major purchases, and basically everything else on the topic of cash.


I challenge you.

Join the many others who have decided to start the war against cash.


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Legal Stuff:
Although I work in the financial industry, this page and its social media profiles are not reflective of my professional or corporate role within any organization. All content is that of my own personal opinion.
Everything you see or read is for general education purposes only and should not be considered ‘financial advice’. You should always consult your attorney or industry professional to determine what may be best for your individual circumstance.
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