5 tips to avoid being “finessed” during the upcoming economic bailout (the checks being mailed to you).

1. There are 329’ish million adults in the USA. The government isn’t going to contact you via text, Facebook, email, or phone calls to “sign up”. Uncle Sam ain’t got time for that. 2. The government operates with taxpayer funded money (simply stated). They are not going to charge you a fee, ask for a [...]

itDoesnt Work. – Why Multi Level Marketing isn’t for you.

When I was 18, I found a job opportunity to sell a product that was so lucrative, revolutionary, and profitable... I'd want to invite every friend and family member of mine to get in on the action. Here's the story how your friend from high school or church is going broke doing this. Around age [...]

Man Vs Card Fraud

You have heard about credit and debit card fraud. What do you do if you're a victim? How did it even happen? I've got the answer. Disclaimer: This blog is Man Vs Cash. That means all things cash. Saving it, building it, paying it off, and protecting it. Today's entry will focus on the latter part. [...]