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Photo cred: the queen Oprah Winfrey

Happy Birthday To Me!

26 years ago today, I graced the world with my presence.

Well, technically it was 26 years and 1 day,
because I was born on the other side of the international date line…
but we won’t get into all that right now.


Do you know what free gift I want for my birthday?

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Happy Holidays from Man Vs Cash!


My husband and I.
Yucatan Peninsula
December 2016

I wish you a refreshing, memorable, and drama-free holiday season and hope for only good fortunes in the New Year.


Please take a minute and submit a financial topic that you’d like Man Vs Cash to cover in 2017. It can be about money, savings, debt, loans, shopping tricks, or whatever you want to know more about. I will do my best to accommodate all requests, and if it’s something that I am not the most knowledgeable about, I will find somebody who is and do a Q&A!

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FYI: If you need an excuse to go to the beach, do it in the winter. I highly recommend it. Lower prices, no crowds, and no dealing with the cold weather at home!


Housekeeping Post: Facebook Page Is Down

Technology is great when it works!

Until further notice, our Facebook page is down.
Blog posts will continue to post here and on twitter as regularly scheduled. This is another great reason why our SPAM FREE email list is a solid way to stay updated!
We will keep you informed when our page is active again. Thanks!


EDIT: 7:19pm EST. We are rebuilding the Facebook page. It is back up!