PSA: Don’t fall for those ”sexy” investing articles. It is entertainment, not investment advice.

Blockbuster and Netflix.Any stockholder and Apple.That one guy and Bitcoin.Like… what’s the actual point, here? There’s a LOT of sensationalism in investing and personal finance because it’s sexy to win and shameful to lose…but have you asked yourself if all this noise is purposeful?Blockbuster would have taken a huge gamble to buy Netflix because the [...]

itDoesnt Work. – Why Multi Level Marketing isn’t for you.

When I was 18, I found a job opportunity to sell a product that was so lucrative, revolutionary, and profitable... I'd want to invite every friend and family member of mine to get in on the action. Here's the story how your friend from high school or church is going broke doing this. Around age [...]

7 Steps To Buying Your First House

A majority of Americans want to buy a house someday. But how can you pull that off with our stagnant wages and student loan debt? Here's the 7 crucial steps you must do to qualify to buy a house.   Disclosure: Yes, I am a mortgage lender. No, I am not writing on behalf of [...]

Lenders Aren’t Your Best Friends. They’re Businesses.

After working nearly a decade in personal finance and consumer based lending; I have learned one crucial fact that I employ daily in my own private life: Getting “approved” for a loan will never mean that you can actually afford the loan.   Here's why you need to live by this rule. Getting “approved” for [...]

Man vs Cosigning Myths

Here's the TRUTH about why your lender wants a cosigner.   Today’s post is a follow-up to our famous post about what your loan officer looks for when you apply for a loan. I will be using internal banking terminology that’s explained in that post, so I suggest you start (HERE) before proceeding.   So, [...]

Quick Tip: Want a decent $1,000 car?

  It's not as hard as you think...     If you have browsed online forums or car dealers lately in search of a cheap vehicle, you've seen how far $1,000 will get you. Hint: It's not very far.   Before we begin, I want to stress the fact that ALL CARS ARE GUILTY UNTIL [...]

Man Vs My Refinance

Two weeks and six emails later, I saved $60,000! Here's why you need shop around for a mortgage.   Disclosure: This post has a slant towards my refinance experience, but there are plenty of helpful tips if you’re thinking about buying a house in the future, too! For those who haven’t been following my Instagram feed, [...]