Recession is coming. Are you saving money or spending it?

For half of the decade, they’ve been calling for a recession. Not 1929 or 2008 style, but a standard cylindrical cooloff. I never got spooked, however, last winter I noticed large companies were gearing up for an economic downturn. So I started doing the same to my own personal finances and started stacking my cash [...]

Why you shouldn’t count on the economy to make you rich.

Unemployment is historically low. The stock market is producing unprecedented returns. Banks are paying out great interest rates. Income taxes are reduced.   That's great, but why are we all still broke?   Here's the lessons you need today to prosper tomorrow. My parents grew up poor. I do not write about other people's stories [...]

Living Frugal & Boujee

Here's 16 things that I do every day to save money while always getting quality stuff/experiences.   Disclaimer: I linked a few outside businesses and products. My blog receives zero sponsorship from anyone, so these are not paid endorsements. Click on the links...don't click on the links. I don't care. If you are a rep [...]

How did the house on the “bad side” of town even get bad to begin with?

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself... why is there a "good" part of town, a "bad" part of town, and how this plays into your ability to earn wealth? Preface: This post is a little unconventional and subtle from some of my other personal finance articles. It highlights a history of wealth distribution in [...]

Here’s what I learned after losing my job 3 days before my first house payment was due.

Have you ever done something completely right, but found yourself holding onto the metaphorical short straw? I just did. Here's the story on how my bet on a job put me in the unemployment line. In 2016, I left my employer of four years in pursuit of a higher paying job where I wasn't working [...]

401k’s scare the hell out of me, and you should be concerned, too.

Are you afraid of your 401k? You should be. Question: Do you know how many Americans have saved enough money into their 401k’s from their early 20’s into retirement age, and had enough money to live on in their golden years? Zero. Seriously. Zero people have ever done this. Nobody. Not a soul. To be [...]

Adrian’s 5 Secrets To Staying Financially Strong

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was my financial freedom. Here's a few actionable tricks that I use every single day to make sure I am closer to being RICH than I am to being poor.   Be specific, and be intentional. When setting a goal, it feels natural to make a proud [...]