Housekeeping Post: Facebook Page Is Down

Technology is great when it works!

Until further notice, our Facebook page is down.
Blog posts will continue to post here and on twitter as regularly scheduled. This is another great reason why our SPAM FREE email list is a solid way to stay updated!
We will keep you informed when our page is active again. Thanks!


EDIT: 7:19pm EST. We are rebuilding the Facebook page. It is back up!

Most people will FAIL at their budget within THE FIRST 90 days.

You’re going to make it to day 91.

If you can’t do that, you are not serious about changing. You are clearly ‘bout that life of being broke and wondering if each paycheck will be enough to pay your bills.  Don’t read any further. I’m only going to bore you.

If you’re actually tired of being broke, tired of handing out your money to an endless line of people, and you are ready to change your life… then let’s do this. Right now.


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